First Amendment Rights Officer Certification Program Curriculum

    1. 1A Certification Course

    2. U.S. Bill of Rights (Contemporary Version)

    3. 1A CAR Toolkit

    4. National Archives U.S. Bill of Rights

    1. First Amendment Exam

    2. 1A Certification Attestation Form (English)

About this course

  • 1 Hour Video Course
  • 3 Downloadable Course Materials
  • Certification & Verifiable Course Credentials

First Amendment Rights Officer Starter Kit

This FARO starter kit will help you gain credibility and promote positive community engagement!

  • 1A CAR Toolkit

    The 1A CAR Toolkit will help Law Enforcement Officers and Organizers to plan, inquire, analyze, and document potential 1A violations and correct these violations before they escalate! This toolkit creates an organized procedure that police stations all over the United States are implementing to help their officers gain the necessary skills to address 1A assertions during times of civil unrest. This toolkit is designed to help foster trust, fairness, safety, and respect for law enforcement by educating police officers on best practices they can use while serving in the line of duty.

  • FARO/FARD Certification

    Traditional FARO programs are rare. Police stations in metropolitan areas like Washington, DC where protests are a daily occurrence have a FARO for each district in the city. FARO training traditionally costs upwards of $1500 per person due to the specialized knowledge needed to create and develop these certification programs. Usually only a small niche of Human Rights Consultants who were Human Rights leaders or CEOs who’ve led protests in the Nation’s Capitol or other large metropolitan areas have a thorough knowledge of the 1A process due to first hand experiences with First Amendment Rights Officers. As a result, this highly specialized human rights training is usually costly. Due to the importance of this training, at Boricua Gringa we’ve made it affordable for law enforcement agencies to scale theses trainings at an affordable price because democracy is what’s at stake! At the end of this course you will get a certificate to display your new FARO certification!

  • Certificate of Acknowledgment for the Promotion of Peace

    This certificate program is a way to bridge the gaps between law enforcement and the community. The origins of American policing are rooted in white supremacy. This certificate program helps heal the damage of the past by building public relationships with marginalized communities who usually fear the police. By acknowledging their rights and peaceful forms of protest through community certificates; FAROs can begin building healthy relationships by issuing these certificates in the community with the support of the local police station. This bridge begins the process of perceiving the police as people who are in the community to protect and uphold American Rights.